Lauren Allen, Owner LKA Events

Lauren Allen, Owner LKA Events


At Lauren kim allen events…

We believe entertaining doesn’t have to be complicated. We know you have a lot going on. Work, juggling family schedules, mom-ing — its overwhelming. And we get it. But we also believe chaos is beautiful, and life is made up of the memories that happen among the chaos.

We believe food should taste as good as it looks. We have an eye for the details, but never lose sight of the bigger vision. We are hyper selective with the ingredients in the dishes we prepare. We know which flavor profiles are most appropriate for various pairings and occasions. We are life-long students of the culinary and entertaining worlds. And we study the trends so you don’t have to.

We look for any excuse to celebrate. We celebrate the big things — friends, love, holidays, and milestones. But we also celebrate the every day — making it to Friday, a 70 degree day in the middle of January, a Tuesday thats in desperate need of a little pick-me-up. We celebrate celebrations. And we encourage others to look for opportunities to celebrate, too.

When it comes to entertaining, we believe in a formulaic approach with customizable options. We know what works — those tried and true, fool-proof combinations that are always crowd pleasers. We know how to set up and run an event that is not only impressive but comfortable for you and your guests. We know every client and occasion has unique needs, and we’re always up for the challenge of creating something new. Something exciting. Something that screams “you”.

At Lauren Kim Allen Events, we take the stress out of entertaining. And we get the host of the party out of the kitchen.

Hiring an Event Planner should be the best decision you make when it comes to entertaining and we are committed to making that happen.